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As a spiritual medium I help people get in touch with their loved ones in Spirit.

Hi, I am Jasmien Gerits

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After all, how movingly beautiful is it to be able to hear from them once more?
To experience that they are still close to us?

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During an intuitive reading I look at you and your needs in life

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During this session, we look at your development.


During this reading I will communicate with your loved ones in Spirit. I prefer to do this without any prior information, without objects or photographs.

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Love and Spirit are equal,
Sometimes invisible
But always present

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I recently had my first mediumistic consultation (online) and I am seriously speechless about this extraordinary experience. Jasmien knew things about my deceased brother that she couldn't possibly have known beforehand. I had been walking around with questions in my head for some time and she was able to answer them without me having to ask the questions myself. I am deeply impressed by her gift and the connection that was made during the consultation. A valuable and meaningful experience that I highly recommend.

Meaningful consultation

Today for the very first time with Jasmien I received a mediumistic consultation, I was truly graced with four deceased, my deceased cat came first, of my loved ones in the Soul World, this I did not expect, secretly did hope that a few showed themselves through her talent, but that I was so generously served I find very very very strong and am therefore very happy with this experience , my heart feels fulfilled 💕💐💕💕


In early September 2023 I had a mediumistic consultation online, because I wanted contact with my deceased father. I found Jasmien to be a no nonsense person who radiated sincerity and warmth and could clearly explain her method. I had my questions whether such a consultation could also work online. It soon became clear that she described very well who he was, that she discussed themes that I had questions about without me having to ask them and that she described details of things that only my father and I knew about. Also the choice of words and the way she said them made me feel I was in direct contact with my father. This experience helped me to give everything a place and also greatly changed my worldview. Many thanks for that.

Goosebumps memory to be cherished further

Without expectations and with a small heart, I made the decision to go to Jasmien.
After I had already referred many people for it myself. But how deeply this touched me. I am so grateful to Jasmien for what she told me and how I got the message that I was stuck with for years. Thank you Jasmien and 1 thing I know for sure is that I will come back and keep sending people through.
A real sweet topper, have fun in your work, powers and messages.
Lots of love

Contact with deceased family member

Thank you Jasmien!!! I had no expectations (but secretly I did 😊) when I walked in on you but I am seriously impressed with your gift.... We don't know each other but you knew so many things to say. I had questions and you answered them by being in touch with my late dad. I laughed but also cried.... This is definitely a help in my grieving process.
Sincerely thank you!!!

Miraculous. As if my deceased friend was with me.

The mediumistic consultation gave me answers I had been walking around with for years. I even got answers to questions that I had never, ever spoken to anyone. At one point, Jasmien told me something with exactly the same words and with the same intonation and with the same sarcasm that my friend did when she was alive. For a moment, it felt like my friend was sitting across from me in the flesh. Simply Wondrous. No, actually it is Extraordinary Wonderful. Miraculous even.
I now know that death did not break our 40-year friendship.
Also, the delicacy with which you know how to convey sometimes difficult messages, without hurting but still telling the truth, that in itself is a gift that very few people possess.

Jasmien you are truly a fantastic medium and a wonderful human being with the heart in the right place.
1000x Thank you, for your gift and for who you are.

Visiting my biggest dream

Not knowing what to expect , I can only say few days after my appointment in Genk , that I am still impressed , and even a bit confused , of the incredible impossible what Jasmien made possible for me , namely to know the words of my son towards us , which did so well , emotionally even more the day after , but still a wonderful feeling knowing that I finally gave my child the chance to go to Jasmien , so that he could really let us know , the answers to our questions , of his life now .. and also my parents came into his world and the dog, I regret not staying longer. i really need to go back ! this is a TOO nice gesture , a kind of meeting with who you miss so much ,... yes I have been like visiting my son and my parents , where they are now and it feels incredibly good in my heart , ..sure the missing to hug and eyes 'looks' , in real life, but this day I will NEVER forget !!! SO VERY THANK YOU for this unique opportunity , which I waited years for until I dared ! Thank you Jasmien you are not 1 in a thousand , you are a thousand in 1 and so unique , This no one can do what you do !


With a scared heart I made an appointment after my father passed away but went out with disbelief, so many things she couldn't possibly know all that, all those things she said that were true , now knowing my father is always with me I am relieved.

What an experience!

A little skeptical I went to see her, but this disappeared very quickly...
and rightly so...because what she had to say was mind-blowing...so recognizable...
at the same time emotional but also made me very happy...
knowing that things are going well and that they are watching with me...
But above all...very grateful !
1000 times merci Jasmien...what you do is exceptional !

Redeeming, soothing answers.

Many tears shed during our meeting. Tears of sadness, but also of joy. Even before we started, my loved ones were already there. I immediately got the "soothing answers" to questions (that I didn't even have to ask) that were on my mind. Am glad I came, because I can now give the goodbye a better place because, thanks to you, I came to know that Dad is grateful to us for the way he had to go. I can also now understand his behaviors, his intentions,.... understand. By passing on a lot of details, I knew that they were " real, true contacts". I will continue to remember our meeting with much love and warmth. Grateful that you may be for us the messenger of our loved ones on the other side.


Today I went for a mediumistic consultation.
After a long period of doubt (out of fear) I decided to go for it!
And how grateful I am for this. I expected nothing, but received so much! More than I could dream, ask and hope for. This helped me tremendously in processing, and got answers to questions I didn't even need to ask. I can really only recommend this. Jasmien asked me afterwards, "Was it as you expected?" To which I said, "No."
It was so much more than that. And I am incredibly grateful , from the bottom of my heart.
A sincere thank you. And I will definitely come back. This has helped me tremendously❤️


After a long search I found you, Jasmien. I wanted to know something about my parents: how they are doing, whether they are happy ... What you could tell, in detail ... am glad they are happy and should my day ever come, that they will be there for me, ...

Media consultation

Of course I had read previous comments. But that it would blow my socks off so much I never thought. What a super experience, thank you Jasmien. For anyone who needs that push to make an appointment, just do it. You won't regret it ... 🍀

Dad , grandma

Dear Jasmien ,

After longing to visit a medium, hoping to have contact with my dad and grandma, I ended up in your chair today.
Somewhat skeptical but also triggered by my feeling that 'something' must be present .....
Because you don't know any photos, info or story beforehand, you completely fulfilled my expectations and made my doubts disappear!
The way you told things about my loved ones, you were in the book!
The tears couldn't stay behind and I am so glad I came to you....
Afterwards some questions came up that I forgot to ask.
Precisely because I was so touched and overwhelmed by what you could tell me. I have found more peace now that I have heard them again. Thank you for your fine reassuring correct reading .
Definitely recommended!

Wonderful experience

I had an appointment with Jasmien today. (Mediamic, communicating with a loved one)
Upon receiving her, I immediately felt at ease with her. She is friendly, spontaneous and chats in a very pleasant way.
After first getting a brief explanation of how it works for a few minutes, I was even more curious.
I had no expectations, but now I have 1 word for this: 'WOW'!
She had only just started and I was already getting goosebumps.
Every sentence she said made sense. Even certain details, that I thought: 'you really can't know this, can you?"
Very emotional I was, but so grateful!
For the people who hesitate to make an appointment, please don't hesitate anymore, just do it! When you close the door behind you and go home you think to yourself, 'WOW'!

I can enjoy life again

A top notch experience, unbelievable, there are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for Jasmien. Lifelike communication with my parents. I have found peace because of this and am enjoying life more again without feeling guilty. I know now that they are happy and that makes the loss less heavy. I got answers to my questions and now I do see the signs my mom is giving me. Moreover, Jasmien is a very sweet lady, respect and a thousand thanks for sharing your talent with your fellow man! Highly recommended, worth much more than the cost! Thank you Jasmien!


Yes amai , what a madam!
At first I didn't know what to think of mediums and their talent, you can't hear or see it yourself so that was a very big threshold for me.
But once she started she first put me at ease, a little bit of information about what to expect and then my mouth was open with amazement.
She told me things no one could know and certainly not her, things that happened in the past or only played in my head that my grandmother told her.
Been walking around for years with an unprocessed loss , a feeling that I had not completed it and now finally after 15 years I finally feel that I can look back on the memories with a good feeling instead of huge sadness.
Very grateful that I was able to experience this a highly recommended!
I will definitely go back again to be able to communicate with my grandmother and ask any more questions I could not immediately come up with today.

It was my first time having contact with a medium, but it was a very special, special, positive experience. Very comforting, beneficial, warm, emotional, ....
Highly recommended. Thank you.

Small heart

I went to see Jasmien with a little scared heart. But she put me so much at ease in that moment. When she started, tears of happiness came because I had to say goodbye to my mom not too long ago and she just said the things my mom would say. I will definitely go back again and I recommend her to everyone. Thank you Jasmien, you are a sweet, cool woman.

Jasmien, what can you say about her. Sigh. A lot. A lot . But I would say make an appointment let her. For whatever reason you go.
For me, it has been a year since I was allowed to meet her. My parents, both in the soul world. I went for my father already 25 years deceased , wanted to know if all was well with him. Who came forward and really wanted to be heard from , my mother . Never expected but what I heard all . As they say the nail on the head. Jasmien I was reassured, could smile again and especially in difficult moments I find white feathers.
Thank you for everything


A deeply moving experience

Jasmien, thank you very much for what you have accomplished for me and my wife. Thanks to you we know for sure that our loved ones are with us for a short time and you have ensured that all our questions are solved, that we have found an inner peace. My wife in particular did not believe in the world of souls, but after your visit she was amazed. Just coming to sit with you, without a photo, without saying your name and those of your loved ones,.... and then you start as if they were sitting next to us and answer. Unbelievable but true. You let me know things that I no longer knew. I shed a lot of tears but left very happy and relieved. We will definitely come back, because we still need to hear them again.


Unbelievable what Jasmien achieves! She can read you as if she were your best friend. I was talking with her about the comparison with a therapist or consultant. But for me she is much more than that. Because of the insights I have gained, a certain peace of mind has come over me. On top of that she has a wonderful connection with deceased loved ones.
Jasmien, thank you for everything you have meant for me and also for my friend so far! You are fantastic... ❤️


It was the first time for me to do this, I had a lot of doubts at first whether I would do it... and I am definitely glad that I did. Jasmien explained everything to me before she started. I also got an answer to all my questions. Sometimes there was a difficult moment but there were also moments with a smile... thank you Jasmien it was a really nice experience and I feel really comfortable now... and have peace with it.
Top experience and a nice woman

Great medium!

Very pleasant experience, everything Jasmien said was absolutely right. So nice to get a proof of that other world...
1000 x thanks for the conversation, it has given me extra courage to go after my dreams.


Deze voormiddag bij Jasmien een consult geboekt…
Waauw, echt waar ! Zij bracht de boodschappen van mijn overleden personen zo geweldig dat het voor mij was alsof ik ze even heb teruggezien <3
Dank je wel Jasmien …..ik heb gelachen en gehuild…maar heb vooral heeeeel hard genoten !
Zeker tot ziens,
Xxx Heidi

Closure and lighting found
Through the face to face consultation with Jasmien I found just that little bit of closure that I still needed. The burden of 1000 kg that I felt on my shoulders after the traumatic death of my brother fell away for 999 kg. The remaining 1 kg is for me to place and deal with. Now I can do this with a good feeling and continue to grow in this.
Very positive and special experience where she also clearly points out things that cannot be "made up" or "guessed" just like that. Jasmien is also a very friendly lady and gives very clear and understandable explanations about what she is doing. I did not have the feeling that I was just another customer who came for a consultation that day, but that she took her time to speak to me honestly.
I went to Jasmien without any expectations but everything I could have imagined beforehand was completely fulfilled and much more.
My face to face appointment could not take place due to unforeseen circumstances and Jasmien was flexible enough to make it a last minute video call. Unexpectedly, this turned out very well. The conversation was heartwarming and reassuring. She could tell things about my loved ones that really amazed me, so to the point. She also mentioned things she sensed about my life that she couldn't possibly know. She also told me about several people who had died without me even asking. I am glad that I dared to take the step and recommend anyone with questions or sadness to contact her. She is a very warm woman!
Pleasantly surprised

Thank you Jasmien, I was and still am impressed by what I have heard from you. I did not expect that you could already get in touch with my dad because he has not died for so long, only 10 weeks, but I am still pleasantly surprised by what he has told you. This will certainly help me further with my process and my future
Greetings Alice

Moment to think
It was a fantastic session in which it became clear which messages I needed to hear in order to continue with life.
I recommend it to everyone who is open to it!
Far beyond my expectations!
Would I recommend Jasmien Didden-Gerits? Definitely! I had a reading 2 weeks ago and it was far beyond my expectations. I didn't have to provide anything. No photo, no object. Only myself. And to be honest, I was a bit unsure about the conversation beforehand. You don't know what to expect. But as soon as we started, things came up that she couldn't possibly know. Jasmien started to communicate like a waterfall. Wow, I was so impressed. It helped me so much. I will definitely be going back.... Thank you Jasmien!
An evening full of emotions

An evening full of emotions. After doubting for a long time, I made an appointment on 16 November. That evening we laughed, cried and I was very surprised at how she could tell me things that Jasmien knew nothing about. It was a very first meeting that meant a lot. She told me how it would go and how she was starting. A connection that I feel regularly turned out to be true. A feeling that is hard to describe gives me the confirmation that everything is okay and that my dearest twin sister is close to me. Earlier this year, she passed away from us. Too young and far too early.
An unfair world ...
A difficult, heavy loss in which I myself have chosen to believe more. This conversation made me realise that without her in this world, there is still life in another way. Everything will be alright ... one day.
Thank you Jasmien for doing this for me!

Jasmien immediately started to tell the story in such a beautiful way, she described my grandfather so typically. Situations were described that were so personal, that nobody could know. Unbelievable what you do and can do, unreal but yet so heartwarming to make contact with my Pepe through you. Thanks and definitely a recommendation to the people who want to do this but somewhere see a stumbling block not to do it. This was so beautiful! Thank you Jasmien ♥️

My emptiness that I felt every day is finally filled!

Most beautiful moment
I lost my child, a 13 year old daughter, to cancer.
Jasmien told me things/experiences that are so specific, that it cannot be otherwise than that there really was that contact.
It did me so good, in much sorrow I got a few times a sincere smile on my face.
For me these are the most beautiful moments I can have in my life.
Thank you Jasmien
Loving testimony
My father died 7 months ago, and I was convinced that there is more after death. I convinced my mother, who at first had some doubts and found it hard to believe that there was more after life here on earth, to come with me. It was a fantastic experience for both of us. She had a hard time understanding that Jasmien was able to have such a good contact with our dad. It gives us the confirmation that there is indeed life after death. Thanks again Jasmien
This was a very special experience for me. Jasmien could tell a lot about my father and sister. Almost everything was correct. It was an emotional and very special experience. Time flew, it was so nice to hear from them again. Thank you so much, Jasmien. You are talented. I am very happy that I was able to experience this moment.
Thank you very much!
The fact that Jasmien makes you feel so welcome and at ease is already great. I told her nothing about my father. No name, no background information about how and when he died. The things she told me only he could know. I was pretty passive when I got there: "Is it real? Isn't this a scam?"
Absolutely not. Thanks to her I can move on, my questions have been answered and I cannot even properly express how grateful I am to Jasmien for this experience. Thank you! ♡
Pleasant experience
For us it was the first time at Jasmien's, it was a very pleasant conversation with Jasmien and our deceased daughter.
We have to admit that Jasmien was right for at least 95% of the time, so definitely worth 5 stars.
Very special, what an experience
I had a video consultation with Jasmien.
My father passed away a little over a year ago and she was able to tell me things that are so right. It eases the pain a little to know that he is still close.
I have always felt that certain deceased people, who played an important role in my life, had not left me completely, and I even had the feeling from time to time that they were close by. This belief also often gave me support and a sense of reassurance. Sometimes in my mind I was talking to them or asking for their advice.
A while ago, I became more curious and wondered if my feelings were correct. And that is how I came to Jasmien. I immediately felt at ease with her. It was not long before she confirmed my belief and my feeling. And even though I had been convinced of it all along, it was still emotional, especially to get certain messages through. I was impressed by the details she could tell me. Even things from the past came up, which I had forgotten myself and which made me think back to those beautiful moments. I left Jasmien's office with a big smile and a feeling of happiness.
Nice experience!
It really did me good. She doesn't need a photo or an object of the deceased to get in touch with them.
I was not used to this way but it is very interesting.
I got my answers and I will definitely go back!
Very nice experience
Jasmien is very sympathetic and I immediately felt at ease. With the messages and words that she passed on from the deceased, she hit the nail on the head. Even things that almost nobody knew she could bring up. This will definitely help me in the grieving process. It was a very beautiful and emotional experience and I will think about it often. I will definitely be back!
Instructive experience
It was the first time for me to visit a medium. After many doubts I am very satisfied that I did it.
Jasmien has sensed many things that really made sense without knowing my background and also gave me new insights which have given me more confidence and peace.
Surprisingly she is also very "down to earth", she doesn't like labels and doesn't preach "truth" and dogmas. She has definitely changed my preconception about mediumship. 🙂
Thank you so much Jasmien!
Just super Jasmien. We were completely surprised. Heard the thoughts of our son. Thank you very much. We will definitely come back.
A while ago I had a consultation with Jasmien, contact with the deceased. It was so special when I knew that it was my father who came through, Jasmien even told me details that she really could not know, because it was very personal.
This has been very helpful for my grieving process and my life view. It helped me a lot and gave me insights.
Today I also had a psychic consultation, and again it was a blast...unbelievable how much detail some pieces of me and my life showed! For me this session felt like a big light that could shine on the different themes in my life, I now have a lot of indicators that I can work with to understand myself better. So many things have become clearer.
The atmosphere is very warm and loving, no woolly weird stuff. Jasmien is someone with a big warm heart who always gives me a wonderful gift to take home! Thank you for being who you are! ?✨?
Beautiful experience
Thank you Jasmien for the session, it helped us.
Jasmien is a very sympathetic woman who you immediately gain confidence in.
We will definitely be back.
Simply super Jasmien! You felt everything perfectly... You knew the details that nobody knew... You passed my dad on as he really was... Truly a heavenly experience!
Thanks Jasmien
It was an experience of great emotional value. Where I can experience comfort and a future with the help of my beloved person.
Thank you Jasmien
A very honest person with her heart in the right place! She described my deceased in detail as they were. I was also allowed to record the whole reading so that I could listen to it again at home! Something that helped me a lot. At the end of my reading I asked Jasmien for more information about the mediumship training. I wanted to know if this could help me to get closer to my own deceased. Jasmien was even honest enough to say that this is not the goal of the training, because the closer you are to the mirror, the less you see! One thing is sure, this woman works with a passion and not for the money! Thank you Jasmien, I will definitely be back and recommend it to everyone!
Very intense, but oh so true.
Jasmien, thank you.
It was very intense but a real experience.
You have opened my eyes. Thank you.
Spiritual assessment
After having had a very enlightening psychic consultation, I now followed a spiritual assessment with Jasmien. And it was 'booming' again! I went there with an open mind and went home with a lot of insights and answers!
Jasmien, you are a wonderful woman and a wonderful medium!
An emotional, but unique experience. Jasmien makes contact with a deceased loved one and does not say the things you want to hear, but proves that this is the person by sharing specific memories. I was sceptical before going to see her. She has given me a different perspective on things. I would definitely recommend this!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and kind words during yesterdays spiritual assessment.
I think we didn't meet by accident, but I believe we crossed path for a reason.
I truly believe that my assessment is the start of a spirtual journey.
Thank you for showing me the way!
A top madam, had a very nice emotional experience. Received answers and peace.
Spiritual Assessment
What an experience! A confirmation for me as well as an eye-opener! Very pleasantly surprised. Everything that Jasmien got through was right! Thank you very much!
A wonderful experience with you as a medium. I was amazed by the messages I received from my deceased loved ones. Everything was right up to the last detail. I recommend you to anyone who is open to this. Thanks Jasmien!
Went by today... Really wonderful to experience... beautiful reading with a lot of touch points... many things that proved that mum was there! Thank you Jasmien. We will definitely come back in the future...
Psychic consultation
Unbelievable what you can sense! You immediately picked up on all the little details that were bothering me and hit the nail on the head with everything. Everything was very honest, straightforward and clear. It left a very deep impression and made me think a lot! I cannot express enough how much you really helped me. Thank you so much Jasmien!
Wonderful experience to remember
Wow, this was a wonderful, blissful experience. I would definitely go back. It gives comfort and strength... And she tells things she really can't know. She was on top of it. Glad that she can do this for me and many others. Glad that I was able to experience it through her. My dad was really there! No one will ever take this away from me again!
HUGE fan of Jasmien
Fantastic! She is so correct, she gave me very good advice and made me think.
I will definitely be back, I recommend it to everyone!
Super experience... thanks
Always hoped, but never thought. Super experience... gives enormous peace of mind.... very emotional but in a positive way.
Very nice and reassuring experience....
Thanks Jasmien!
A very special woman and certainly a very special experience. Definitely a must. Don't hesitate, just do it. Thank you Jasmien. Big hug
Strong lady!
You just have to get to know her!
THANKS Jasmien!
It was a fantastic experience from which I could derive great support and comfort. She hit the nail on the head every time. Very pleasant woman and I would definitely recommend her!
A paw from the other side of the rainbow bridge
A FANTASTIC experience. Highly recommended, even for the sceptics among us. Jasmien doesn't talk the talk, but provides clear evidence.
Thank you!
It was really a special and pleasant experience.
Jasmien knows how to touch you immediately. So precise, so right... I always find confirmation there. Thank you, Jasmien. I know that you are real!
Thank you Jasmien for the incredible experience✨.
A top lady...
I have been with her ... I can hardly say here how or what, only: 'Contact her and experience it yourself'. Everyone's experience is different but for me it was wow, it helped me enormously with the mourning process...
So I can only recommend it ...
You open gates that people don't even know they are there
Enjoyed a pleasant evening with loving messages from the soul world (Messages from Heaven - 14/09). You opened gates that people did not even know they were there. And this in a very light, spontaneous way, accessible for everyone! Highly recommended, a gift to yourself!
Touched to the core of my soul - sequence of goosebump moments
With the words of my deceased grandmother, Jasmien gave me the most beautiful gift ever..... She described her and our close relationship so well. It was such a deeply moving experience and so liberating to get the answers to questions I had been wondering about for a long time. She touched me to the depths of my soul. To my great surprise, even things that I could not immediately place during the reading fell perfectly into place afterwards at home. I often think back to this unique conversation with a lot of warmth and gratitude...
What a great experience you have given me!
Dear Jasmien, what a great experience you gave me! We have laughed together and cried together... I came without expectations but you made me leave with a very good feeling, thank you! I can only recommend it to everyone to give it a try! X
What a beautiful and wonderful experience with you as a medium. I was completely perplexed by your abilities and actions.
I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much. I recommend you to anyone who is open to it.
An excellent chanel for the spirit world.
Keep up the good work xx
An impressive and special experience!
The things that were said were right. I could recognise myself in your words! Thank you Jasmien!
Be sure to continue
Jasmien has touched me with her message of the deceased. Beautiful words, well discussed person with me. Top top and keiplezante evening. Definitely continue to do so xx hug
I am still impressed!
Jasmien thanks for the nice experience!
Thank you

Jasmien, thank you for the beautiful message from my late cousin Werner. What you said touched me deeply.

Thank you

Every time I am impressed by everything that is shared